Peerless Slimline Ultra-Thin Universal Mounting Solutions

Peerless, the leading company in commercial-grade mounting solutions, has come up with its ground-breaking Peerless Slimline Ultra-Thin Universal Mounting Solutions. Known as world’s thinnest universal mount, it is a perfect solution to swell Sharp’s Ultra-Thin TVs.

"Peerless Slimline® is the perfect system for mounting Sharp’s Ultra-Thin TVs, but the true beauty is that Slimline® is universal," said Rich Fiorino, Senior Director of Business Development, Peerless Industries, Inc. "Slimline® is the thinnest universal mount available today. So, it offers the strength and style to support a very wide range of technical and decor needs."

The Slimline Ultra Thin Mounting Solutions support cutting-edge technology to fulfill the requirements of users. With the assistance of a UL-tested load capability of up to 150 lb, the Slimline Solutions can hold up the weight of any flat panel LCD, as well as plasma TV.

Peerless Slimline® Ultra-Thin Universal Mounting solutions are available in three widespread sizes for TVs up to 60-inch. Prices range from $129 to $199.

Via: Press