Parasound Announces Their First Universal DVD, SACD and DVD-A Player

San Francisco based Parasound Products has announced a new Universal Disc Player that features DVD Video, Super Audio CD and DVD-A support. The company’s New Classic D 200 player will be Parasound’s first DVD Video player as well as their entry into the Universal disc player market.

According to Parasound the New Classic D 200 player “is compatible with every major disc format currently in use”. The player’s spec sheet bears this out as it will support DVD Video, Multichannel SACD and DVD-A, DVD+/-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DIVX Video and Kodak Picture CD formatted discs.

Audio Processing and Video Features
In terms of audio processing, the player features “Comprehensive bass management for DVD-A and SACD high resolution audio sources, and SACD DSD bit streams are sent directly to the audio DAC’s, eliminating intermediate conversion that can be detrimental to audio fidelity.” On the video side, the New Classic D 200 player has an HDMI output, Farouja DCDi video processing and video scaling for use with High Definition Displays that outputs video at 480p, 720p or 1080i resolution.

Comments From Parasound
Parasound President Richard Schram says that “We’ve worked long and hard to create a DVD player that we liked enough to put our name on. The D 200 delivers a level of audio and video performance that makes it a source unit for the true enthusiast, and also has the features and capabilities that make it ideal for the custom installer. We are very proud to add it to our NewClassic line.”

The New Classic D 200 Universal Disc Player from Parasound is scheduled to be available for purchase later this year. It will carry a list price of $1,500.