Panasonic Z1 Plasma TV

Panasonic has unveiled quite a number of digital solutions at the CES and among the products that you may have missed is the ultra-thin Panasonic Z1 Plasma TV. This 54-inch is only 1-inch thick and is wirelessHD technology capable.

As most of the line of Plasma televisions that Panasonic carries, this slim plasma TV also boasts of Viera Cast, a gateway that allows direct access to selected Internet services. With this feature, you can be able to watch any streaming YouTube video on the screen as well as some online photo albums.

Aside from Digital Cinema Color, the Z1 incorporates all of the features of the thicker V10 models, including improved 24p compatibility, VieraCast; the power-saving, high-contrast, NEO PDP panel; “infinite black;” and a 600Hz sub-field drive.

Via CNet News