Panasonic TCP65S1 Television Review-Pricey Goodness

It is hard to imagine just how fifteen extra inches of space on a television can make it cost twenty five hundred bucks more than a smaller model, but that’s the case with today’s review target, the Panasonic TCP65S1.

The Panasonic TCP65S1 is a sixty five inch 1080p plasma television with a twenty watt two speaker system, three HDMI inputs, one S-video input, two component video inputs, two composite video inputs, one RF in put and one optical digital audio output.  Plus, we also get Viera Image Viewer with a memory card slot to view pictures, and Viera Link capability to make this a good competitor with most any receiver system for the role of system hub.

Frankly, there’s not much of anything to find wrong about this except the catastrophically high price.  This sucker retails for thirty two hundred bucks.  Granted, sales are to be had most anywhere–you’ll get almost a third off shopping via Best Buy’s web site–but a third off of an arm and a leg is still an arm and most of a shin.  Still though, if you’re prepared to shell out epic piles of loot for a television, the Panasonic TCP65S1 will definitely be worth checking out yourself.