Panasonic TCP50VT20 Television Review-Past, Present and Future

We’ve got another sweet Panasonic to take a look at today, and it’s a pretty interesting model that seems to be a bit smaller than some models we’ve had a look at, but also appears to have a few more features than the ordinary.  Today we’re looking at the Panasonic TCP50VT20, a television that’s got more going on than you’d expect.

The Panasonic TCP50VT20 is a fifty inch 1080p plasma television that offers Internet connectivity that in turn offers a slew of options like YouTube, Bloomberg and Picasa Weather, 3D readiness (it even comes with glasses, but requires a set of components to make it a full 3D system), several customizable viewing modes, both Deep Color and x.v.Color for better reproduction, two ten watt speakers with simulated surround sound, four HDMI inputs, two composite video inputs, four audio inputs, two component video inputs, one PC input, one optical digital audio input, ethernet port, two USB ports, and a variety of Viera-specific features.

The really great thing about this system is its incredible versatility.  It’s great for older systems by including component video and making PC input available.  It’s great for newer stuff with its emphasis on HDMI.  And it’s great for stuff that isn’t even really in vogue yet, including the 3D capability.

Oh, and the price–the price is actually pretty good for an incredible all in one system, weighing in at twenty five hundred bucks at Best Buy.

The end result is that the Panasonic TCP50VT20 is an extraordinarily versatile system that offers so much value it’s hard NOT to be interested in shelling out the cash it’ll take to get one.