Panasonic TCL 37S1 Television Review-A Solid Entry From Panasonic

Panasonic is not a brand I run into very much, for some reason.  Maybe I just plain old haven’t gotten to it yet, but amid the flood of Sonys, Samsungs and LGs, there’s Panasonic, like the mousy girl next door no one talks to who actually has a lot to offer if someone would just pay attention to her.

I know, a little oblique in the metaphor department, but it works.  Today’s model, the Panasonic TCL 37S1 is a thirty seven inch 1080p LCD television with Viera link, Viera image viewer, three HDMI inputs and a PC input.

First off, the picture on this is pure 1080p fantastic, and looks like one of the better setups I’ve seen.  The sound is also really solid quality and the controls are plenty easy to handle.  And when you consider that, with careful shopping, you can get one of these for about five hundred thirty bucks, it’s a solid value, too.

The Panasonic TCL 37S1 has plenty to offer if you’re willing to take the time to discover it.