Panasonic TC P50U1 Television Review-This One, Not So Much

I actually don’t like to write bad reviews for televisions.  It feels wrong, somehow, to have to disparage the thing that brings me so much.  It handles my video games, my movies, my outright TV shows…but today I have no choice.  The Panasonic TC P50U1 just isn’t that great a setup.

The Panasonic TC P50U1 is a fifty inch 1080p LCD television with an array of Viera specific features like Viera Link and Viera Image Viewer, one S-video input, three HDMI inputs, SD card compatibility, two component inputs and two audio inputs.

Oh, sure, it’s got plenty of ports and options, but the big problem here is is that the picture and sound are seriously lacking.  I know on paper it’s a 1080p, but I was not seeing 1080p.  At least with the one I was dealing with, I got a really unpleasant image and sound out of it.  And considering they want thirteen hundred bucks for this thing new (nine hundred used), it’s just not going to work.

So there are vastly better deals out there than the Panasonic TC P50U1, and I urge you to take advantage of them.