Panasonic SC PT770 Home Theater System Review-Fantastic System

Panasonic has offered a lot of choice home theater equipment over the years, and as it turns out, the Panasonic SC PT770 is no exception.

The Panasonic SC PT770 is a 5.1 channel home theater system that comes with one front speaker, two center speakers, two surround speakers and a subwoofer.  It also offers a five disc 1080p upconverting DVD player.  The system itself has a thousand watt output, and also features multiple built in surround sound decoders, support for a variety of disc options, a built in iPod dock, VIERA Link, one optical digital input, one audio input, one HDMI output, one component video output, one video output, and a headphone jack.

I don’t normally comment on the DVD player’s loading options, but I had to get something in this one for the surprising way they’ve arranged the multi-disc part of the player.  Instead of one large tray, this model features several slim trays arranged in the same general area.  This conserves space and just looks really cool.

The sound quality on the speakers is spectacular and frankly, I could FEEL the bass.  Like inside, feel it. It’s kidney-rattling bass, and I love it.

The Panasonic SC PT770 is an excellent buy.  It may retail for four hundred bucks, but deals abound–most notably, Amazon is offering this for three hundred twenty.  And if you’re looking for a new surround sound system, this is definitely a great move in the right direction.