Panasonic SC-PT670 Home Theater Speaker Review-Better Deal Than Youd Think

Next up on our list is the Panasonic SC-PT670, a system that’s actually a lot more system than you’d might expect, and for a whole lot less money than you’d suspect.

The Panasonic SC-PT670 is a thousand watt five channel home theater system that actually includes a five disc DVD player. It’ll also offer upconversion to 1080p, Bamboo Cone speakers, an iPod dock, a whole lot of setup options like Smart Setup with Auto Speaker setup, a Kelton Type subwoofer, both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, support for a wide variety of media styles including DVD-RW, video CD, JPEG and plenty of others besides.

You can see what I mean here–a thousand watts is unusually potent for a home theater system, at least one priced like the Panasonic SC-PT670. A five disc changer is also an option you don’t hear much about, plus you get even more utility out of the iPod dock and the like. The sound quality on this one also sounds really nice, which is another point in its favor. There’s lots of great value here and by the time you find out what the price is, you’ll really get the thrill of a lifetime because you’re looking at a great bargain in the making.

You can get your hands on this one for the unusual price of $209.07 out at Amazon, and I’d say you’re going to get a pretty good deal here. With multiple DVD capability and some fairly potent speakers, you’ll be looking at a nice value.

You’ll want to hear it for yourself at first, though, and make sure it is what you want, but the Panasonic SC-PT670 should be the system you need to round out your home theater system.