Panasonic AZ-LE12F large-sized visual display


Panasonic AZ-LE12F large-sized visual display will be available for sale from 2007 September 3rd. Initially the company has established its annual sale output quantity 30 systems. The latest Series is unique and is therefore being announced in limited edition. AZ-LE12F loads 3in1 type small-sized SMD LED element to deliver high brightness Kousei detail image reproduction. For a broader view the LCD features angle of visualization left and right 145° top and bottom 80°, left and right 140° top and bottom 60°, high brightness 5,000cd/m2 beating the recent 3,500 cd/m2 of its contemporaries, Picture element pitch 12.5mm, Control gradation 17Bit and speed of response 5m. The LCD can deliver high brightness even in sunlight.

Via: Panasonic