Outdoor Home Theater

What if you could have your own outdoor Home Theater, a Home Theater set up so lush and luxurious you don’t even need a car to attend? What if you could just lounge in your hot tub under the stars while watching your favorite movie at home? You can, and all it will cost you is five million dollars. Plus, you have to live in Las Vegas. But if you must live in Vegas, this is the way to live!

The featured home at the recent International Builders Show in Las Vegas has 8,816 square feet of living space and blurs the distinction between inside and outside by including man made outdoor ‘rooms’ within the interior layout. The rooms feature waterfalls, softly colored desert landscaping, and 5,000 square feet of high end Home Theater applications that are partially indoors, partially outdoors, and always luxurious and surprising.  The evolution of high-end ecological chic has been both surprising and inspiring in recent years, and looks likely to stick around for the near future.