Onkyo GX-100HD Speaker


Onkyo recently announced the availability of its latest GX-100HD speaker from November 2007 at an expected price of 29,800 Yen. The latest speaker equips a built-in DAC of 24bit/96kHz correspondence. Onkyo’s GX-100HD is a 2 way bookshelf Speaker of the WAVIO brand and loads the large aperture woofer of 12cm diameter. For clear sound Onkyo’s GX-100HD comes with lightweight diaphragm.

Onkyo GX-100HD Speaker features playback frequency zone of whole speaker, 50Hz – 100kHz, crossover frequency 2kHz, digital input the optical digital ?1 and the coaxial digital ?1, output of built-in analog amplifier and 15W?2ch (4 ? time) Analog stereo input 1 system has RCA.

Via: Onkyo