Onkyo CS-325UKD DAB audio system

Recently Onkyo released its new CS-325UKD DAB audio system that consists of three parts system receiver unit of the CD player, DAB radio and FM radio tuner along with separate speakers and a standalone iPod dock. This audio system will make the iPod owners use the bundled DS-A1XP iPod dock and play tunes directly from it, as well as charging their portable player.

Amazing features of the Onkyo CS-325UKD DAB audio system are:

  • Optimum gain noise-reduction technologies
  • Can sleep, play or record to a schedule
  • Banana-plug type loudspeaker sockets
  • An 8cm mid/bass driver
  • A 40-station FM and DAB preset menu

Get the Onkyo CS-325UKD DAB audio system for ?200 only and enjoy playing music on the main unit and songs and podcasts stored on the docked iPod.

Via: PC Advisor