ONKYO CR-D1LTD (H) CD/FM tuner amplifier-perfectionist in Music Creation


CR-D1LTD, the improvised version of compact audio “CR-D1″ series will soon reach the market from 1st September, 2007 with the offer price of 73,500 Yen (without tax 70,000). CR-D1LTD, being the limited model designates the CR-D1 as the base. Its thorough sound quality and VL Digital amplifier features are making its market higher. Along with the firm design supporting unwanted vibration of the frame, speaker terminal of this new model is locked securely with the volume knob and the screw of type it adopts. The Amplifier delivers a rated output 40W + 40W (4 ?, 1kHz, total height harmonic wave distortion factor 0.5% or less) and features Utility installed capacity 60W + 60W (4 ?, JEITA), Amplifier section Signal-noise ratio 100dB (LINE1 and IHF-A) and Tone control maximum change quantity ±6dB/80Hz (BASS), ±8dB/10kHz (TREBLE), + 7dB/80Hz (S.BASS). It consumes an electric power of 80W. Weighing 5.5 kg, Onkyo’s CR-D1LTD amplifier is equipped with an array of input and output terminals.

Via: Onkyo