Okoro OMS-BX300 Home Theatre PC-Really Tricked Out Home Theatre

We’ve talked about a few home theatre PCs so far around here, and they’ve all been pretty bargain priced.  Some pretty good stuff has emerged from places like Dell and Lenovo, but it might interest you to know that a relative unknown is looking to seize the high ground–specifically, Okoro, with its OMS-BX300.

A mouthful of a name, I know, but it’s for a mouthful of a product.  The “Blu-Ray Digital Entertainment System”, as it’s called, carries an Intel Core i7 processor.  It also comes with a whopping six gigs of DDR3 ram, the ATI Radeon HD with 512 meg ram graphics card, options for a slew of HD tuner cards, a PAIR of two terabyte drives, a sixty-four gig solid state drive, and a PAIR of Blu-ray drives. And ports–you’re not going to believe the ports.  This place has more ports than Madagascar (and they don’t close as easily!), including HDMI, S-video, component video, and optical audio among others.

Down side?  The PRICE.  It’ll cost you just over three grand for this beastie in base configuration, and options are available to jack the price up even higher.  Want to have a PC with EIGHT TERABYTES of storage?  Yours for an extra five hundred bucks!

Anyone else remember when one whole gig of hard drive space seemed like a typo?