OfficeMax Black Friday Deals-You Wont Believe This

Home theater buffs, you’d best brace yourselves RIGHT NOW because I’m about to lay a metric ton of amazing on you today.

Seems that the crew out at Office Max got nice and proactive about their upcoming Black Friday shopping deals.  Just for a bit of background, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year, so named because that’s the day the stores go “in the black”, or show a profit.  The deals are positively MONSTROUS.  Check this out!

If you’ve got a home theater PC, then you can get a terabyte external hard drive for it for about eighty bucks.  A half-terabyte, five hundred gigs, will run you a relatively bad deal at sixty bucks.  Seriously, why spend sixty for a half-terabyte when you can double it for twenty bucks more?

If you’d rather watch your movies on DVD, you can get a Memorex seven inch widescreen portable DVD player for just under thirty bucks.

And if there’s something else you’re after, well, the deals don’t stop there.  I was just talking about the deals that mean something to US.  So don’t eat too much turkey Thanksgiving Day, because you’re going to want to be fresh and rested for Black Friday.