NuVision Lucidium FX5LS LCD HDTVs

Looking for a new addition to your home entertainment system that won’t take up much space in your living room? Have a look at the new NuVision Lucidium FX5LS LCD HDTVs. Available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch screen sizes, these deep black lightweight LED/LCD HDTVs measures merely 1.5-inches in total depth.

All three models use NuVision’s powerful FX5 120Hz video processing that helps create an effective rate of 120 frames per second. For clean and crisp images, the TVs come integrated with LED to produce pure white light. Compared to CCFL sets, the FX5LS models require 40% less power to operate.

All the Lucidium FX5LS models include four HDMI inputs and feature an ATSC/NTSC/QAM tuner. The Lucidium FX5LS 40 inch, 46 inch and 55 inch HDTVs cost MSRP of $3,499, $4,499 and $5,999, respectively.