Niveus n9 Pro Series

Niveus Media has announced the availability of the n9 media server which is part of their 2007 Pro Series and includes the new Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme quad core processor QX6700. One also comes across features like Intel® Viiv™ technology, Nvidia’s GeForce Series 7 Graphics, and 3 terabytes of storage. It features four separate cores with dedicated threads and is capable of simultaneous local HD DVD playback, and multiple, independent sessions of HD television and music playback.

The Media Server is housed in a sleek casing and is Windows Vista Capable too. Other features include; Niveus’ patent-pending Niveus ConvergencePanel™; HDMI; RS-232; an integrated flash card reader (SD, MMC); RAID 5 Hard Drive Data Protection; 3TB HDD storage; 4 television tuners (2x NTSC, 2x ATSC); 4GB of RAM; and 8-channel analog audio or digital coaxial audio. Its available for 15,000 $!

“Intel’s Core 2 Extreme quad core processor provides boundless opportunity for the Niveus Media Center,” says Greg Pearson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group and President, Intel Americas, Inc. “The n9 is a fast and innovative solution targeted at media enthusiasts, and we are proud of Niveus’ commitment as an Intel channel partner.”