Niles RS6Si, PB6Si and PS6Si Series Outdoor Loudspeakers

outdoorpr.jpgNiles Audio Corporation, world’s leader in Custom Installation has recently announced that it will start shipping the RS6Si series GeoRealistic weatherproof rock loudspeaker along with the PB6Si and PS6Si series outdoor planter speakers. Designed with features to make them work in any weather, these loudspeakers from Niles Audio Corporation are indeed an extension of its impressive line of outdoor loudspeakers.

Out of the new 3 loudspeaker series, PB6Si and PS6Si are capable of blending perfectly in any outdoor setting providing you an uncompromised sound quality. On the other hand, the third model, RS6Si comes with integrated textured aluminum grilles. One thing common to all these loudspeaker models is that they all deliver high-performance sound and are built with latest technologies.

“With the RS6Si weatherproof rock loudspeaker, we have developed a smaller version of our discreet yet stylish GeoRealistic outdoor loudspeakers which provides both a natural look and sound. The PB6Si and PS6Si series outdoor planter speakers blend nicely with any outdoor environment, including pools, patios, porches, decks and gardens, with the superb sound quality that is so closely associated with Niles,” Sterns added.

You can operate RS6Si in three modes viz. monaural, traditional twp-speaker stereo and single stereo input. The other two products, PB6Si and PS6Si come with 6.5” dual voice coil woofer and two 1” fluid-cooled Tetron tweeters. All these loudspeakers are made up of fiberglass and are protected by a UV-resistant paint.

The RS6Si is available in granite, speckled granite, coral, shale brown and sandstone finish, while the PB6Si planter box loudspeaker and PS6Si planter loudspeaker comes in classic terracotta a weather concrete finish. They are available with a new Lifetime Limited Warranty.