New TACET DVD-Audio and SACD Versions of ‘Peter and the Wolf’

TACET has announced a DVD-Audio/SACD release of Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and Saint-Saлns’ ‘Carnival of the Animals’, presented using the company’s unique “Moving Real Surround Sound” multichannel enhancement.

TACET’s “Moving Real Surround Sound” was first presented at the end of last year upon a disc of the ‘Piano Trio op. 50’ by Tchaikovsky, and makes “…the players as well as the notes truly mobile, and enables the listener to “see” completely new things within the orbit of the loudspeakers. Listening becomes a new experience.

Peter and the Wolf and the Carnival of the Animals are ideal vehicles to demonstrate this new aesthetic concept, which follows faithfully in the great recording tradition while fully exploiting the latest achievements and capabilities of the modern medium,” says Andreas Spreer, the man behind the TACET label.

Available in DVD-Audio and SACD versions, both compositions are performed by the Ladies Swing Quartet and Polish Chamber Orchestra, conductor Wojciech Rajski, and run for a total of 151 minutes.

The DVD-Audio edition includes a complete English version narrated by Bradley Cole, a German version narrated by Moritz Stцpel and a third option without narration.

The DVD-Audio version is TACET catalogue number: DVD D114, while the Super Audio CD release is catalogue number: SACD S114.

TACET DVD-Audio ‘Peter and the Wolf’, cat. DVD D114TACET DVD-Audio ‘Peter and the Wolf’, cat. DVD D114