New Mitsubishi Line-Up Includes Two DVD-Audio Players

Mitsubishi have announced that their new product line-up is to include three new progressive-scan equipped DVD players, two of which, the $249 DD-7040 and $299 DD-8040 offer DVD-Audio playback capabilities.

All three models afford playback of DVD-Video titles, CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and the ability to decode MP3 and WMA files. The DD-7040 adds DVD-Audio, while the DD-8040’s feature set includes DVD-Audio and improved video performance thanks to a Faroudja® DCDi™ processing solution.

Max Wasinger, senior vice president of sales and marketing:

We are pleased to introduce this line of DVD players which not only feature progressive 480P output as a baseline, but also include such key consumer features such as digital photo viewers and ‘ripped’ audio player capability.

“The Faroudja DCDi™ video processor found in the DD-8040 provides silky smooth video images and fluid motion without artefacts, an expensive circuit normally reserved for extraordinarily expensive DVD players,”

said Robert A. Perry, vice president, marketing.

The DD-8040 is designed to replace Mitsubishi’s existing DVD-Audio player, the DD-8030.