New Chesky SACDs – The Coryells and Daves True Story

Audiophile label Chesky Records continues its program of remixing and reissuing their best sounding catalog material on Multichannel SACD. The latest of these releases are The Coryells and “Unauthorized” by Dave’s True Story. Both albums are Hybrid Multichannel/Stereo SACDs which are playable on CD and SACD players.

The Coryells
(Chesky SACD 235)

The Coryells are made up of Larry Coryell and his two sons. Larry Coryell formed The Eleventh House, one of jazz fusion’s most influential groups in the 1970’s. His sons, Julian and Murali Coryell are accomplished guitarists in their own right. Murali plays blues guitar while Julian adds jazz guitar to the mix. This album is the first recording of the three Coryells as a trio.

Album Tracks:
1. “Sentenza Del Cuore” – Allegro
2. “Sentenza Del Cuore” – Interlude
3. “Sentenza Del Cuore” – Adagio
4. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
5. Sink Or Swim
6. Zimbabwe
7. Low-Lee-Tah
8. Love And Happiness
9. Something Pretty
10. Trouble No More
11. Funky Waltz
12. Transparence
13. Somebody’s Got To Win
14. Somebody’s Got To Lose
15. Song For Emily

by Dave’s True Story
(Chesky SACD 233)

SACD fans were first introduced to Dave’s True Story throough the song “Dear Miss Lucy” on Chesky’s Stereo SACD Sampler entitled “An Introduction to SACD” (Chesky SACD 204). “Unauthorized” features 13 tracks that feature the group’s stories about love and life, delivered in a style that has been described as hipster cool, retro and swing.

Album Tracks:
1. Dear Miss Lucy
2. Misery
3. Lilly 110-140
4. When Kafka Was The Rage
5. Won Gon Ju
6. Florida Time
7. Far Worse Off
8. Baby Who Are You?
9. Chicks
10. Violetta’s
11. Still I Adore You
12. Kathmandu
13. China Tour