Another great model that rolled out recently, ASLCD223WXM display is the largest of the series. It is 22-inch LCD with 1680 x 1050 of native resolution esp. designed to meet business and multimedia use. NEC ASLCD223WXM features Ambix™ technology for digital and analog inputs, integrated speakers, 5-millisecond response times and 1000:1 contrast ratios. It is also compatible with NEC’s NaViSet™ offering an intuitive graphical user interface and NaViSet Administrator software allowing one computer to control the entire network’s monitor settings, brightness, and power.

“The proliferation of applications and Web-based content has really created the need for more screen real estate at home and in the work place,” Andy Anderson, Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions, said in a company statement. “While added horizontal screen space on these new AccuSync displays allows for easier multi-tasking, the feature set and industry-recognized quality deliver the performance and reliability consumers expect from the NEC brand.”

Via: Informationdisplay