My Review of the Rockus 3D Speaker System from Antec

We have reported on the Antec Rockus 3D/2.1 speakers before, and we even did it twice. One of the times that I reported on them, I stated that I didn’t know what 3D sound was.

I am glad that I have had Antec send me the product itself to try out. I found that set up was pretty simple, but not instinctual enough that I didn’t have to look at the instructions. Instead of a remote, there is an odd circular thing that controls the volume. I quickly learned that clockwise raises the volume, and counter clockwise lowers it.

I also learned what 3D sound was all about. I found that when I toggled it into that mode, the bass became deeper in the subwoofer and the two satellites. It does create an effect of 3D, and made me wish I had Avatar on Blu-ray. The other mode (non-3D) was music, which was also good for listening as well.

I believe that we previously quoted the price of the Rockus 2.1 3D speakers at $249, but this site here has them for $199. It is a good deal.