Music? In My Home Theatre? Inconceivable!

The headline may well sound like so much overblown hyperbole, folks, but it’s true–according to a poll over at CNET, most people do NOT listen to music in their home theatres, but rather in one way or another on the go.

The current poll is nearly a three way tie between “on my iPod”, “on my computer”, or “in my car”, and each of them is leading “on my home theatre / stereo” by a factor of two to one.

I admit that it makes sense–when I’m putting my home theatre to work it’s not to play music, but rather to watch movies or TV.  Why use the incredible power of a home theatre setup on music, when fully half your system is unused?  I don’t need a projector and hundred inch screen to listen to Danny Kaye and the Andrews Sisters wail away on Civilization unless Fallout 3 is involved.  It’s a waste, and most people have probably latched onto this fact, which in turn drives the poll.