Moxi Unveils New Tuners and Pricing for the Holidays

Moxi unveils a trio of new HD DVRs which should provide more recording options for media entertainment buffs. The new three-tuner Moxi HD DVR allows users to record three channels simultaneously while watching a fourth one without any interruptions. The new three-tuner Moxi DVR is available in a Moxi HD DVR plus Moxi Mate bundle for $799.

For the two-tuner Moxi HD DVR, the slashed price is what should get the attention of consumers, down to a MSRP of $499 from $799. And as a bonus, ARRIS announces a three-room multi-room bundle via its three tuner Moxi HD DVR plus two Moxi Mates for a bundled price of $999. Definitely great deals consumers should take into account for the coming Holidays. You can check them out here.

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