Moxi High Definition Digital Video Recorder

Digeo Inc. will be unveiling top quality HD digital video recorders to aid premium consumers on recording high quality programs that come from digital cable providers and the Internet. The Moxi HD digital video recorder includes a 500 gigabyte hard drive which can store up to 75 hours of recording at a full 1080 resolution.

This new digital video recorder aims to satisfy the growing demand for quality and improvement of home theater entertainment through various forms of media which can be customized and enhanced according to user preference.


• Dual-tuner HD DVR
• Emmy® award-winning single-screen interface
• 500 GB storage means 75 hours of 1080 HD recording or 300 hours of standard definition recording
• Brings web-based services such as Flickr, Finetune and more to the HDTV
• Access to a wide variety of Internet content including news, sports scores, entertainment and financial information, weather and more through MoxiNet and the Moxi SuperTicker(TM)
• Remote web and mobile browser scheduling
• Connection to PCs through home network to play music and display photos
• Dolby Digital Plus certified for high-fidelity surround sound
• CableCARD(TM)-equipped Broadcom BCM7400-based set-top box with twice the processing power of competitors to render HD graphics

“With the Moxi HD DVR, we built upon our experience deploying nearly half a million DVRs throughout the U.S. to understand what consumers are going to need long-term, and then we created a premium DVR that delivers the ultimate HD experience,” said Greg Gudorf, CEO, Digeo, Inc. “Simply put, Moxi blows away other DVRs.”

(Source) MSNBC