Motorola Introduces Innovative 3DTV Set-tops for Cable

Motorola has continuously amazed its customers for years with innovative solutions. Maintaining the leadership position in 3D TV, the company has now come up with software enhancements .for its industry-leading DCX line of set-tops that offers an exceptional and seamless 3D TV experience.

The new 3D TV-enabled set-tops are capable of automatically detecting the presence of 3D content and identifying the type of 3D format. It supports 3D TV over both MPEG-04 and MPEG-2. Besides, they are capable of 1080p24/30 output. Once the set-top detects 3D content, it will automatically reformat all on-screen text and graphics to match the incoming 3D format to ensure that they are displayed correctly.

Additionally, the 3D processing software supports all on-screen displays such as closed captioning, application graphics, emergency alerts and text overlays.