More Talk of Netflix Acquisition Emerges

Folks, this is starting to look like an episode of Melrose Place or something–apparently more possible buyers for Netflix have emerged.

We talked yesterday about Blockbuster and Amazon and Apple being possibilities for buying up that massive chunk of outstanding Netflix stock, but some new possibilities have emerged and it’s getting REALLY interesting.  Sure, names like Liberty Media, Microsoft and Google are being bandied around–even Comcast, CBS and Sony are being mentioned.  And that’s interesting enough by itself, but one name just blows even these titans all away:


Yes, folks–there’s talk that Walmart’s looking to acquire Netflix, and I just got a cold chill like the ghost of Christmas Future just pointed out my lonely old gravestone, smeared with unidentifiable effluvia by the folks at Samsung who are probably still pissed that I call their control scheme a joke every time I deal with one of their televisions.

In fact, Marianne Wolk of Susquehanna Financial Group believes there’s an even coin flip–a fifty / fifty chance–that Netflix will be acquired by somebody.

Who, though…that remains to be seen.