Monster StreamLine 100 Speakers

streamline-100-speakers.jpegMonster, world’s leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronics components and accessories has announced that they will now start shipping the great Monster StreamLine 100 Speakers. Designed with a stylish new concept, these speakers provide the users with a high-quality home theater surround sound.

With a compact design perfect to maintain excellent performance, Monster StreamLine 100 Speakers can complement the look of any room, be it in a house or in an office. Featuring interchangeable side panels with five color options, these speakers provide powerful real-world acoustic performance. Not only this, these speakers are great in imaging, soundstage and dynamics when compared to other speaker systems available in the market.

Monster StreamLine Subwoofer comes with THX certification for an ultra-precise low-end response, which is considered as one of the main elements of superior home theater acoustics. Monster StreamLine 100 Speakers incorporates the advanced Line array technology that let slim cabinets to maintain a wide sound stage with precise accuracy.

Monster StreamLine Tower 100 Speakers, Center 100 Speakers and THX Subwoofer 100 are available at a retail price of $ 600 per pair, $ 300 each and $ 500 each respectively. While the Monster Home Theater StreamLine Tower and Center Side Panel Kits are available at a retail price of $ 300. These kits comprising of eight panels for towers and two panels for centers come in a variety of colors like maple, red, yellow, silver and cherry.

Via: Monster StreamLine