Monsoons HAVA Mobile Player SlingBox Killer

monsoon_hava_b Monsoon Multimedia, recently announced that it will be providing a beta of its new digital video service to allow people to watch their home TV on some Nokia phones. Its new HAVA Mobile Player for S60 Symbian phones that was shown by Nokia at CTIA, allows users to watch their live TV, pause. Skip and rewind schedule their DVD recordings from a phone.

This SlingBox Killer, as it is commonly known as, is at present compatible with Symbian, Palm and Windows Mobile phones with BlackBerry support will be available soon. The official release of this product is expected during the third quarter of 2008.

Monsoon’s SlingBox Killer that specializes in streaming video content from your entertainment system to a PC or smartphone via the Internet lets you enjoy the same features as provided by the SlingBox but in a lower cost. Monsoon’s HAVA box will be available at $ 100 after a $ 30 rebate. However, its mobile software will cost an additional cost of $ 30.

Via: Press