Mitsubishi XL1550U Projector

Mitsubishi recently announced its latest XL1550U Projector. The latest launch with XGA (1024 x 768 pixel) resolution is proud to have its lineage in award winning company’s family. The projector is intended for installations in larger spaces like the classroom, conference halls, auditoriums, worship halls, etc.

“We’re replacing our popular XL25 and XL30 projectors with the XL1550U and XL2550U,” said Wayne Kozuki, product manager, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Presentation Products Division. “They combine a great set of features that offer exceptional benefits for those who create mid-sized to large presentation environments.”

Using the latest technology, the company is able to reduce fan noise, producing a unit that makes as noise as low as 22dBA. The Mitsubishi XL1550U Projector offers brightness 3100 ANSI and supports a lamp life of up to 5000 hours. It is priced at $3,995.

Via: Press