Mitsubishi New Blu-ray DVRs Detailed

As you’ve already seen, Mitsubishi has decided to launch new gadgets ready to be used for a home theater upgrade. Among those gadgets Mitsubishi has also launched a few new Blu-ray DVRs which we’re going to check out for you. These are the DVR-BZ330, the DVR-BZ230 and the DVR-BV530.

The DVR-BZ330 comes with impressive features like a 1TB hard drive, super resolution upconversion, a Diamond HD chip and Blur-ray/DVD support. The player will be available on October 1 and it will cost you around $1,915.

The DVR-BZ230 comes with only 500GB of hard drive storage space and lacks the Diamond HD chip needed for upconverting low-resolution videos. The player will also be available on October 1 for just around $1,490.

If you want the cheaper DVR-BV530 then you’ll have to wait until October 21 and be ready to pay $1,270 for it. The player will bring you an extra VHS playback feature which is something you won’t probably really use. And you’re only going to be able to count on 320GB available storage space if you pick the DVR-BV530.

via avwatch