Mitsubishi LT46153 1080p LCD HDTV

At first glance, the Mitsubishi LT46153 LCD HDTV may seem like any standard TV we see in the market today. But if you are quite particular about sound, you will agree that without a reliable HT system, enjoying movies and videos will be sorely lacking. But with the this new LCD HDTV from Mitsubishi, you may find something different such as perhaps why there is a small soundbar below the large screen.

This is the advantage of turning to the Mitsubishi LT46153 LCD HDTV. It is the marketing point that makes it stand out above the common TVs in the market. With this add-on for audio requirements, the unit provides an improved 16-speaker, 5.1-channel built-in audio speaker. The five-channel surround sound effect was made possible thanks to the 16 individual 2W drivers that come with the unit.

So before making a final decision on your new LCD HDTV, make sure all bases are covered. Some would focus on imaging and display. But if you can get all with some reliable audio, then you may want to check out this one from Mitsubishi.

(Source) HDTV