Mitsubishi DVR-BF2000 Receiver


In addition to the latest LCD-46LF2000 Display, Mitsubishi recently unveiled the new DVR-BF2000 Receiver. The BD recorder corresponds to the display section of the LCD-46LF2000. It loads the BD-R/RE drive of 500GB HDD and BD video playback correspondence.

The tuner also integrates 2-system BS/110 CS digital and terrestrial analog 1 systematic equipment. The BF2000 receiver also facilitates simultaneous video recording of two programs. It also supports DVD-R/RW record and AVC record to DVD.

The remarkable highlight is its automatic cutting and playback function. Yielding impressive sound quality, the  BF2000 model makes way for the SD card slot. The electric power consumption is 40W. Own this magnificent 6.0Kg receiver in 180,000 yen.

Via: Mitsubishi