Mirics and Cyberlink To Deliver HDTV for Notebooks

HDTV enjoyment using notebooks has just gotten better with the joint efforts of Mirics and Cyberlink. With both demodulation of the DVB-T signal and decoding of the H.264 high definition video taking place on existing notebook processors, Mirics FlexiTV has once again proven its credentials as an efficient, optimised system having minimal impact on overall system resources.

Launched in 2008, FlexiTV targets processor-based platforms such as notebook PCs, and was the world’s first global standards broadcast receiver to leverage the flexibility and cost benefits of software-based demodulation. Mirics FlexiTV is the only commercially available software demodulator-based receiver conforming to applicable broadcast TV and radio specifications such as Nordig 2.0.

Chris Cytera, Product Line Director for FlexiTV, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Cyberlink to provide the best possible HDTV experience to notebook users. With terrestrial HDTV rolling out worldwide, Mirics FlexiTV plus CyberLink TVEnhance is the ideal combination for enjoying totally smooth, high quality portable HDTV on a standard consumer notebook. No other multi-standard PC TV receiver using software demodulation can deliver this kind of quality user experience.”

(Source) Press