Marantz BD8002 Blu-Ray Player DivX Certified


DivX, Inc., a digital media company, is going to include another new momentum in Blu-ray Category, the Marantz Blu-ray Disc Player. It will be released in the Japan and U.S. DivX already has a position of its own in the high-definition market with a number of DivX Certified Blu-ray devices. Consumers using the DivX high quality visual formats are happy to take advantage of Blu-ray technology to store and play back more than 25 hours of DVD-quality video on a single Blu-ray disc.

Kevin Hell, the CEO of DivX, Inc admitted that, "Marantz is recognized as a leader in high-end audiovisual devices, and by incorporating DivX technology into its latest Blu-ray device it is offering its consumers the ability to easily transfer high-quality video content from the PC and the Internet to the home theatre."

You will be given full assurance of its outstanding interoperability, security and visual quality as the Marantz Blu-ray Disc Player undergoes a rigorous testing program to ensure its perfectibility. Over 100 million DivX Certified devices have enabled consumers to create, play and share high-quality video content across a range of devices and platforms till date and therefore, any doubt regarding the quality of the Marantz Blu-ray Disc Player will be totally worthless.

Via: Press