Malata integrates Xceive’s tuner XC5000 in its TV sets

Malata recently announced the integration of Xceive’s XC5000 Smart Silicon tuner IC in its 19” and 22” digital/analog television sets. European and Australian Markets are the most benefited ones with the quality TV reception. The XC5000 supports analog and digital terrestrial broadcasting standards worldwide and clear QAM digital reception for cable TV broadcasts.

“Xceive’s XC5000 is a multi-standard solution that provides performance and reliability within a single integrated tuner IC. Unlike other competing TV tuners, Xceive’s fast-to-market solution minimizes development concerns like debugging and troubleshooting all of the various analog and digital modes required for European DTV products," said Shang Yong-Jin, general manager of Malata’s TV department.

The XC5000 offers supreme reliability, unparalleled performance and innovative features. Meeting industry standards such as OpenCable, A/74, Nordig and CENELEC, it does not require external SAW filters. The global hybrid TV tuner with an on-board DSP controller delivers unsurpassed TV experience.

With PCB area of nine cm2, the tuner based on Quick Time technology ensures scanning of more than 100 channels in less than 8 seconds. The reliable TV Tuner boasts simple system design and lower BOM cost, though the price has not been disclosed yet.

Via: Press