MacBook now has Portable Subwoofer

Why do we always associate a Subwoofer stereo located in the hot car next to us at traffic lights, with 4 young men listening to the doush, doush being belted out while the car is literally vibrating with rythum ? This is a slightly tamer Subwoofer. Called the ‘Bassjump’ it is a USB powered portable subwoofer that turns your MacBook into a sweet fuller and richer sound system. It doesn’t make anything sound louder or provide that bone rattling shake you automatically associate with a powerful subwoofer, but it does add to the overall experience. The design matches the MacBook and requires simple installation. Drive Unit 77mm subwoofer speaker cone. Frequency range -6dB at 50Hz-20kHz. Signal-to-noise ratio 80dB. Connection USB minijack. Affordale at $80 RRP.