Linn Records Extends 55% Off SACD Sale Through The End of July [HFR]

Linn Records is extending their Super Audio CD “Classic Album Promotion” through the month of July. The promotion offers two collections of 10 Linn Records SACD releases (Classical and Jazz) for $99.99. This is quite a deal when you consider that these Super Audio CDs normally sell for the price of $22 each from the Linn Records web site. As Linn Records notes on its web site, this is a savings of over 50% per disc when purchased together in this fashion.

Linn is best known as a maker of very high quality audio equipment. This includes a complete line of amps, preamps, processors, speakers and digital disc players. Included in this collection of high end gear are universal disc players such as the Unidisc which play back SACD, DVD Video, DVD Audio and CD Audio discs.

Several years ago, Linn established a record label to make discs that were designed to show off their audio gear in a high quality way. It’s not surprising then that Linn Records was one of the early pioneers in the Super Audio CD market in Europe with initial releases featuring Hybrid Layer Stereo SACDs and more recently Surround Sound SACDs.

Jazz – SACD Classic Album Collection (10 SACD Set)
Barb Jungr, Claire Martin, Mari Wilson, Willard White, Haftor Medboe Group, Carol Kidd, Tommy Smith, Perfect Houseplants, Clark Tracey and Mackenzie & William Jackson
Linn Records (AKD 930)

The 10 Super Audio CDs in Linn’s Jazz Classic Album Collection feature a mix of both Hybrid Stereo SACDs and Hybrid Surround Sound SACDs. While the set is called a Jazz collection, the SACD titles actually feature a number of musical artists and styles including Jazz, Vocal and Cabaret as well as native Scottish music.

Linn says that this collection is “A fantastic collection of 10 Jazz SACDs specially chosen from Linn’s extensive Jazz music catalogue encompassing the finest UK talent including mood-setting vocalists and exciting instrumentalists. Delight in the honeyed-tones of Claire Martin, the peerless delivery of chansonnier Barb Jungr, the richness and unparalleled tone of Willard White and the delicate ambience of Haftor Medboe Group. Featuring a veritable who’s who of UK jazz, including the legendary vocalist Carol Kidd, this collection is a must-have.” The Jazz set includes these SACDs:

Linn Surround Sound SACDs featuring SACD Surround Sound/SACD Stereo/CD Audio

  • Claire Martin – When Lights Are Low (Linn Records AKD 260)
  • Barb Jungr, Claire Martin & Mari Wilson – Girl Talk (Linn Records AKD 279)
  • Willard White – The Paul Robeson Legacy (Linn Records AKD 218)
  • Barb Jungr – Every Grain of Sand: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan (Linn Records AKD 230)
  • Haftor Medboe Group – In Perpetuity (Linn Records AKD 277)
  • Carol Kidd – Nice Work (Linn Records AKD 229)

    Linn Stereo SACDs featuring SACD Stereo/CD Audio

  • Tommy Smith – Blue Smith (Linn Records AKD 136)
  • Perfect Houseplants – New Folk Songs (Linn Records AKD 165)
  • Clark Tracey – Stability (Linn Records AKD 196)
  • Mackenzie & William Jackson – Notes From A Hebridean Island (Linn Records AKD 197)

    Classical – SACD Classic Album Collection (10 SACD Set)
    Various Artists
    (Linn Records CKD 940)

    Unlike the Jazz collection, Linn’s Classical SACD Album Collection features 10 Hybrid Surround Sound Super Audio CDs. As with the Jazz set, sound samples from each SACD are available for audition on the Linn Records web site.

    Linn says that this set is “A terrific collection of 10 classical SACDs specially chosen from Linn’s award-winning classical catalogue, featuring bestselling artists and critically acclaimed albums of popular and specialist repertoire. Discover the silvery tone of recorder virtuoso Pamela Thorby, the passion and technical mastery of pianist Artur Pizarro, the thrilling splendour of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and much, much more. Enjoy diverse repertoire such as Brahms, Geminiani, Nielsen and Faure by esteemed performers such as conductor Sir Charles Mackerras and soprano Emma Bell.” The Classical set includes these SACDs:

    Linn Surround Sound SACDs featuring SACD Surround Sound/SACD Stereo/CD Audio

  • Jonathan Freeman-Attwood – La Trompette Retrouvйe (Linn Records CKD 294)
  • Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) – Shostakovich Symphony No. 11 (Linn Records CKD 247)
  • Pamela Thorby – Handel Recorder Sonatas (Linn Records CKD 223)
  • Maximiliano Martin – Fantasia (Linn Records CKD 280)
  • Alison McGillivray – Geminiani: Sonatas for Violoncello & Basso Continuo (Linn Records CKD 251)
  • Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) – Bartok & Kodaly (Linn Records CKD 234)
  • Emma Bell – Songs by Strauss, Walter & Marx (Linn Records CKD 238)
  • Palladian Ensemble – Bach Sonatas and Chorales (Linn Records CKD 275)
  • Scottish Chamber Orchestra (SCO) – Brahms Violin Concerto and Hungarian Dances (Linn Records CKD 224)
  • Artur Pizarro – Reminiscences – Frederic Chopin (Linn Records CKD 248)

    As noted earlier, high resolution audio fans can only take advantage of the Linn Super Audio CD Classic Album Promotion pricing on the Linn Records web site. The sale goes through the month of July, so be sure to drop by their web site and listen to the sound samples from these SACDs between now and then.

    If you are after individual Linn SACDs rather than the two 10-disc SACD sets described here, their individual SACDs remain available in music stores throughout Europe. They are also available individually through several web sites in the U.S. including Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Audiophile Resource.