Linn i Acoustic Sounds Add 15 SACDs to U.S. Audiophile Market [HFR]

Linn Records and Acoustic Sounds have teamed up to bring 15 Super Audio CD titles to the U.S. Audiophile market this week. Prior to the new agreement whereby Acoustic Sounds acts as the Audiophile distributor for Linn Records, 12 of the label’s SACD titles were available in the U.S.

While best known for their high end audio and more recently home theater equipment, Linn’s music operation was one of the early players in the Super Audio CD market in Europe. The Linn SACD catalog is a mix of Hybrid Stereo and Hybrid Surround Sound Super Audio CDs made up primarily of jazz and classical music. Linn distinguishes between the two musical genres by labeling their classical SACD releases with the “CKD” prefix and their jazz SACD releases with the “AKD” prefix.

Acoustic Sounds Comments on the New Agreement
In announcing the new Super Audio CD distribution deal in the U.S. audiophile market, Acoustic Sounds issued the following statement earlier today:

“Linn is a thriving and respected independent label, acclaimed by critics and music lovers alike. They’ve championed the best of a new generation of world class British jazz artists, including Claire Martin, Carol Kidd, Tommy Smith, Martin Taylor and Stephane Grappelli. They’ve also struck big in the classical market with premiere recordings of The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, The Sixteen, The Palladian Ensemble, Gillian Weir and the BT Scottish Ensemble.

Linn’s artist roster is growing and their SACD catalog is thriving. You can expect excellent recording, mastering and packaging from this very reputable label.”

15 New Super Audio CDs in the U.S.
As noted earlier, today’s announcement brings 15 new Super Audio CD titles to the U.S. market. These releases are as follows:

Hybrid Multichannel SACD Releases

  • Go From My Window – Nigel North (Linn Records CKD 176)
  • John Dowland: Lachrimae – Norwegian Baroque Orchestra (Linn Records CKD 194)
  • Boismortier: Suites & Sonatas – Passacaglia (Linn Records CKD 204)
  • All My Tomorrows – Carol Kidd (Linn Records AKD 210)
  • Mozart: Requiem – Sir Charles Mackerras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Linn Records CKD 211)
  • Ravel/Shostakovich – Scottish Ensemble (Linn Records CKD 215)
  • The Paul Robeson Legacy – Willard White (Linn Records AKD 218)
  • Sibelius: Theater Music – Joseph Swensen, Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Linn Records CKD 220)
  • Waterloo Sunset – Barb Jungr (Linn Records AKD 222)
  • Beethoven: Last Three Piano Sonatas – Artur Pizarro (Linn Records CKD 225)
  • Debut – Carol Kidd (Linn Records AKD 228)
  • Nice Work – Carol Kidd (Linn Records AKD 229)
  • Thomas Tallis: Spem In Alium – Magnificat (Linn Records CKD 233)

    Hybrid Stereo SACD Releases

  • Notes from A Hebridean Island – Mackenzie & William Jackson (Linn Records AKD 197)
  • Les Elemens: Marais & Rebel – Palladian Ensemble (Linn Records CKD 221)

    4 More Titles from Linn Records
    In addition to the 27 Super Audio CDs that are now available in the U.S. through Acoustic Sounds, Linn has four additional Super Audio CDs. These titles include a Super Audio CD Sampler released in the European market last year with 16 Stereo SACD tracks and 1 Surround SACD track, a recording of Baroque Recorder Concertos by Pamela Thorby & Sonnerie on a Hybrid Multichannel SACD and two upcoming SACDs: a Hybrid Stereo SACD of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and a tribute to Bob Dylan by Barb Jungr.

    Also worth noting here is that Linn has announced plans to release a second Super Audio CD Sampler of their newer SACD releases later this year. They have not provided a release date for the second SACD Sampler to date.

  • Linn Records – Super Audio CD Sampler (Linn Records AKP 208)
  • Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto & Symphony No. 3 – Joseph Swensen, Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Linn Records CKD 216)
  • Baroque Recorder Concertos – Pamela Thornby & Sonnerie (Linn Records CKD 217)
  • Every Grain of Sand: Barb Jungr Sings Bob Dylan – Barb Jungr (Linn Records AKD 230)

    The 15 new Super Audio CDs are available from the Acoustic Sounds web site as well as the Linn Records web site. The earlier Linn Records SACDs are available at record stores in the U.S. that carry SACDs as well as the Elusive Disc and Music Direct web sites.