LGs 3D TV and Blu-ray Launch Details Leaked on Google-you be the Detective

Can you hear the CSI music…Now here is the information gathered, you be the detective…
The Crime – Leaked LG info of ‘Top Secret Product Launch MAR/APR’ by sharing a Google Document.

The Products Involved -3D TV, 3D Blu-ray player and TV webcam for 720p Skype chat
The Problem -3D TV is a different version of the LH9500 series, named the LX9500, avail mid May. So that may cause a luke warm response. The BD580 3D Blu-ray player will be on sale in the mid April and The TV Webcam Peripheral for 720p Skype is avaiable mid May.

The Solution – LG admits it was an embarrassing mistake and it won’t put a dampener on them promoting their exciting new products at the launch in March/April. Thanks for your help in solving it.

Also Breaking News – the LEX8 and LEX9 LED-backlit TVs that measure just 0.27-inches in depth and ranging from 47 – 72 inches, will be on available in June.