LG BD960 First Blu-ray Player Certified With Bluetooth Killing WiFi Direct

LG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers with various offerings like cellphones, TVs and Blu-ray players making up their line up. With so much experience in pushing out high end products, LG has been known to keep up with the times and introduce some innovation. One such innovative product that has just recently been annoucned is the LG BD960 Blu-ray player.

This Blu-ray player can do the normal things such as stream content from Netflix, Vudu and DLNA alongside being able to playback DivX content with a full 1080p HD resolution.

However, what makes the LG BD960 unique is the fact that it is the first WiFi direct certified player. If you’re not aware what this means, it’s essentially a replacement for Bluetooth that provides the same utility in the sene that you can wirelessly transfer data at a high speed.

via engadgethd