LG 37LH20UA Television Review-Another Mixed Bag

It was actually kind of difficult to form an opinion around the LG 37LH20UA, as its utility is somewhat limited but its performance is pretty decent.  Read on:

The LG 37LH20UA is a thirty seven inch 720p LCD television with XD Image Processing Technology, three color temperature modes, three selectable A/V modes, a twenty watt built in speaker system with SRS TruSurround XT, two HDMI inputs, one component input, one PC input, one PC audio input, one RF input, and one optical digital audio output.

The picture on this one is certainly fair for a 720p, and the sound is pretty good too, owing to the twenty watt speakers, but I have to admit that I was surprised by the relatively low number of ports.  As the center hub of a home theater setup, this would be a complete flop, and would pretty much require a decent receiver to make up the slack.  If you have one, or are interested in picking one up, then this one might do just fine for you.

Considering that this costs five hundred and fifteen dollars, or about what a receiver might go for, it actually makes some sense.  But the value you’ll derive from the LG 37LH20UA depends almost strictly on your plans for it.  If you can handle it by itself, with the somewhat lowered capabilities it offers, then fine.  But if you want it as a part of a larger whole, then you may not like what you get.