LG 37LH20 TV Review-Carefully Designed Excellence

I generally like the LCD line from LG, and the 37LH20 isn’t an exception.  This one, more specifically, is a solid piece of well-designed excellence that I’m happy to tell you about.

The LG 37LH20 offers a cable jack, an RGB input for use as a PC monitor, two HDMI slots and a USB input jack.  It’s a thirty-seven inch screen that shows your images in 720p, and produces high-quality sound to go with it.

As I said before, the LG 37LH20 is a well-designed piece of equipment.  I personally loved the side-mounted toggles to control channel and volume and menu options.  The menu itself is also nicely set up, and the way this thing is designed it’s impossible to tell where the speakers are actually located.  It’s like sound is pouring out of the unit, from sources unknown, almost like magic.

Okay, sure, the price is a little salty at seven hundred dollars where I found one, but you get what you pay for, and what you pay for here is an excellent piece of hardware that’ll provide just what you need in terms of viewing.