LG 32LE5300 Television Review-Small But Nicely Done

It’s a little smaller than we ordinarily see, and it’s not quite as good as others for a lot of reasons, but today’s review target, the LG 32LE5400, does have a lot to offer and will be one you’ll want to see.

The LG 32LE5400 is a thirty two inch 1080p LED television that offers up 120hz playback to reduce blurring at high speeds, Energy Star 4.0 compatibility, your choice of three AV modes to change settings according to what you’re watching, the Picture Wizard and Intelligent Sensor to modify settings according to conditions, either automatically or manually, 24P Real Cinema to augment your movie watching, Clear Voice II for improved dialogue, Infinite Sound for improved bass, two ten watt speakers with Dolby Digital decoders, four HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, one RF port, one PC input, one PC audio input, one USB port, and one headphone jack.

See what I mean? It’s pretty nice. There’s room enough here for most of your gear, which is handy, and almost equal love for old and new hardware alike. The video is a little low quality for 1080p LED, but still pretty nice (size has a hand in the wow-factor of the video, really, so this should be in line with expectations), and the sound is decent enough for ten watt speakers. The Dolby Digital backup there is a big help.

And the price isn’t exactly terrible–the folks out at Amazon are offering these up for five hundred bucks, which is pretty good for a moderately sized LED television. You can do better, of course, but you’ll have to take a necessary step down in video quality.

But still–the LG 32LE5300 will be a great way to introduce LED into the home this season. It’s not really big, really flashy or really expensive, but it will be a surprisingly solid addition to your home theater needs.