LaCie Launches New Blu-ray Burner

LaCie is ready to meet your Blu-ray burning needs. It has a new Blu-ray drive, the d2 which will burn Blu-ray discs twice as fast as its predecessor did. It will write discs at 8x no matter if you’re going to burn a single- or dual-layer disc. The company has taken the opportunity to upgrade the authoring and backup software that comes with the product. You should expect the revised Easy Media Creator 10 and Toast 9 Titanium software to be present on the d2.

The drive comes with FireWire and USB 2.0 ports and it will work well with both a PC or a Mac. And since it’s an external drive you can simply let it do its thing while you surf the Internet on your computer.

Interested in getting it? It’s available for sale already at $449.99.

via Press