LaCie 6TB Ethernet Disk Works with Apples Time Machine

That’s right folks, you should have gotten the whole news from the title there! LaCie has revealed it’s new ethernet disk which can indeed hold up to 6TB of your stuff and it’s fully compatible with Apple’s Time Machine. With that much space available you’ll be able to save all sorts of thing from your past and revert to them whenever it’s needed.

Apple hasn’t officially said anything about it but the press release seems pretty clear about the Time Machine backups. This NAS will work with any OS and it will support a total of 100 users with customizable access rights and about 25 users accessing it at the same time.

LaCie also has a 2TB and a 4TB version. The prices go from $749 to $1,100 or to $1,500 depending on which model you choose. Feel like getting one? Just call that Santa. He’s the fat dude that goes around dressed in red and holding the keys to a customized vintage edition of a reindeer powered sleigh.

via Press