Jobs Explains Reasong Behind Removing Firewire

Other than no Blu-ray announcements, the biggest thing to take HD lovers by suprise was sure to be Mr. Jobs’ announcement that the Macbooks would no longer sport a Fireware port, a port that was very popular in the last generation of Apple laptops.

Well, when taken to the man himself, Jobs had this to say about the complaint:

Actually, all of the new HD camcorders of the past few years use USB 2


There you have it folks, Steve Jobs and the rest of his minions employees have decided that their own creation, Firewire, is becoming dated. Does this mean the end of Firewire? It could be, which means all of you out there using those fancy HD cameras, or external hard drives, with Firewire connections will have to upgrade… bummer.

(Via: AppleInsider)