Japan Loses 2022 World Cup Bid, No Holographic Broadcasts Incoming

Watching sports is one of the greatest uses a man (or woman) can kind for their big screen television. However, do you know what would be ever more awesome than watching sports on a 55-inch LED HTV? Watching them in full holographic goodness.

That’s right, Japan was set to record and broadcast the 2022 World Cup with holographic technology. This would mean that in theory, they would actually broadcast these holograms onto stadiums around the world where onlookers would be able to watch the action like they were actually there. Unfortunately, our dreams have been dashed as Japan has lost the bid for the 2022 World Cup.

This means we’ll be waiting even longer than 12 years to see some holographic soccer being played but oh well, the wait shall be worth it.

Check out a promotional concept video of Japan’s bid after the break.

via wsj